Robust Box Tool Rest for Mini Lathes, 5/8" Post

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For Mini Lathes
Mini Lathe Post Length
5/8" Diameter Post
Robust Box Tool Rest for Mini Lathes, 5/8" Post

Robust Box Tool Rest for Mini Lathes, 5/8" Post

Robust tool rests for Mini / Midi lathe have a 5/8" diameter tool post length to fit the banjos of most 12" mini lathes. They are similar is dimensions to Low Profile Rests. You can drop the handle of your tools at a angle greater than 45 degrees for shear scraping and skew cutting action. 4, 6, 9 and 12 inch widths are available in sizes to fit most 12" mini lathes.

  • Box Rest for Mini Lathes - 5/8" Post
  • The rest is 1.5” wide and overhangs 5”
  • Helpful when using a scraper or captive hollow rig to shape the inside of a turned box or other hollow form
  • Robust box rests are made from solid ½” thick laser cut steel and relieved on the edge for clearance
  • They are offset so that you can do the rim and the inside all in one set up
  • Features a removable pin to keep you from going off the edge

Robust tool rests are the finest tool rests ever designed for woodturning. In our opinion, there is no better and more economical way to upgrade your lathe's performance than to purchase a set of Robust tool rests. Robust tool rests have a proprietary hardened steel rod as the tool rest surface that provides a smooth surface which will never ding, nick or need filing. Your tools will glide effortlessly across the rod whether it is a straight style, curved style or the unique "J" style. Robust tool rests are offered in dozens of variations to accommodate just about every lathe on the market as well as your own turning style.