Product Care and Safety

Woodturning is a craft that requires skill and technical knowledge which must be learned and practiced, ideally with the help of a personal mentor. Serious injury can occur through improper use of tools and the lathe. Make sure you fully understand how to sharpen and use your tools to minimize the risk of injury. In addition:

  • ALWAYS wear eye and face protection when sharpening and using your tools.
  • Utilize all of the safety equipment that came with your equipment, particular safety shields on your grinder.
  • Understand how to use your tools properly. This may require the assistance of a teacher. Local woodturning clubs are a great source of education.
  • Never sharpen your tools around flammable materials and / or wood shavings. Sparks from the grinder could ignite flammable materials.
  • Wear proper protection when handling chemicals such as CA glue, solvents, oils and paint.


Here are some of the instructions sheets which are included with our products:  

Hurricane Woodturning Tools Instruction and Safety Sheet  

Hurricane Woodturning Chuck Instruction Sheet 

Hurricane CBN Grinding Wheel Installation and Safety Sheet 

Hurricane Chuck Spindle Adapter Installation Sheet