Hurricane Standard Series Tools Info

We created our Standard Series of woodturning tools to meet the needs of beginning and intermediate woodturners who want quality High Speed Steel tools that are reasonably priced. Hurricane Turning Tools is our trademarked brand and are available only at The Woodturning Store. Our Standard Series tools are made from High Speed Steel to our specifications in one of the world's largest turning tool factories. They have outstanding edge holding ability and last 8 times longer between sharpening as compared to carbon steel.  Each tool is heat treated to give excellent performance under the rigorous demands of woodturning and fitted with a beech handle, in lengths which are proper for the tool and application.  Our bowl gouges and heavy scrapers have 16" handles.  Smaller tools have handles from 10" to 14". Each handle is laser etched with the Hurricane logo. These tools arrive ready for final sharpening. We recommend our CBN grinding wheels, available in 80 and 180 grits.  Many of our customers own several of the same type of tool and modify the shapes/grinds to suit their own variety of woodturning applications. Our Standard Series Tools are also sold in sets, which will help get you started if you are a new woodturner. 

Hurricane Standard Series offers many different types of woodturning tools:

Bowl Gouges are the most frequently used tool in woodturning.  Our Standard Series bowl gouges are machined from round bar stock in diameters of 5/8", 1/2" and 3/8" with a parabolic flute shape.  They are sold with a standard grind with a 50 degree front angle and can easily be converted into a swept back style grind.
These Gouges are used for detail work such as coves and beads in spindle work. They are available in 1/2", 3/8", and 1/4" diameter tools. Each tool is sold with a traditional shape and can easily be converted to a fingernail grind..
The Spindle Roughing gouge is used specifically for spindle turning. Many woodturners use this tool to knock the corners off of square stock in spindle turning.  A razor sharp spindle roughing gouge can produce a cut almost a smooth as a skew chisel.  They are available in 1" and 2" widths both with a thickness of 1/5".  Never to be used for bowl turning.
The skew chisel is often considered challenging to use, but once mastered, will give a smooth finish unlike any other tool.  The skew can be used for planing, cutting beads, pommels and more. We offer skew chisels in widths from to 1/2" to  1 1/2" wide
Scrapers are versatile flat bladed tools which are used for a wide variety of applications.  Unlike gouges, they cut using a raised "burr" on the top of the blade edge.
Scrapers remove much less material than gouges, and are often used to remove tool marks created by gouges. We offer several varieties in widths from 1/2" to 1 1/2" wide, in thicknesses from 1/4" to 3/8" for long reaches into bowls.
Scrapers are available in many shapes, including round, square, curved and for cutting dovetails in bowl bottoms.
Most woodturners have a wide selection of scrapers in their tool kits.
Parting tools are used to create narrow slots in your workpiece to separate it from the parts that will not be used.
The standard series offers a Diamond Parting Tool. The diamond shape has a diamond cross section which allows for a reduction in friction of the tool against the sides of your workpiece.


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Make sure to read our Hurricane Woodturning Tools Instruction and Safety Sheet