FAQ - Common Questions

The Woodturning Store is one of the largest online woodturning product dealers in the U.S. We sell on various online platforms including, and our own website .  We have experience selling online since 1999 and have made almost 1,000,000 online sales.



Why are our prices so low?

Although we have a showroom for our products in Long Island, New York, we are optimized for selling online.  We have a state of the art inventory and order processing systems, so we are very efficient and this helps keep our overhead costs low.  Also, we have always been “internet focused” so we are used to working on smaller profit margins as compared to traditional retail storefronts that have to work at very high profit margins.  We feel that our modern sales model provides the customer with the best experience at the lowest possible prices.   


Do we sell on

Yes, we sell on and our staff has been selling on since 2004.  Our Amazon store name is “The Woodturning Store”. We are strong believers that Amazon’s Prime business model fulfills our customer’s desire for quick no-hassle ordering with fast Prime Shipping.  Amazon allows us to ship to locations that are difficult for us to ship to economically (International, Alaska and Hawaii).  We try to offer a completely identical product selection on Amazon as our website.  Sometimes, items are not suitable for Amazon for various reasons (shipping, special orders, etc.) and we do not offer them on


Do we sell on

Yes, we sell on and our eBay username is “The Woodturning Store”.  eBay is another great online market place and our staff has been sell on eBay since 1996. We often use eBay’s auction format to sell items below our normal store prices, in order to give our customers incentive to purchase and have some fun.  All of our eBay items are brand new and the same as our store items unless we clearly say otherwise.  We sometimes sell B Stock Items or Returns.


Are prices the same on all of our sales channels (Website,,

We try very hard to make our customers’ buying experience exactly the same on all of our sales channels.  We try to offer Free Shipping on most items where the shipping costs can be absorbed.  Unfortunately, shipping costs are real and very expensive for a small business like ours.  Just check UPS’s stock over the past 5 years!  For small items, like single pen kits, it is impossible to offer free shipping on single pen kits.  If you need just a few pen kits, we have to charge our nominal shipping fee.  If you need more than a few kits, we offer a discount on individual pen kits allowing you to mix and match styles and save up to 20%.  This discount offsets the shipping fee. If you like to buy pre-set multi packs of pen kits, we offer them at free shipping which is identical to our products on other online sales platforms.  This allows for a quick and easy purchase for those who like quantities of the same kits. We are trying our best to give you as many options as possible and save you money.


I see dozens of sellers on eBay selling Hurricane and Legacy products, are they authorized dealers?

Absolutely NOT!!  Legacy and Hurricane Turning Tools are our proprietary brands and at this time, we have no authorized dealers.  We do this for one reason, selling direct keeps our prices low.  What you are seeing when you see ANY OTHER seller offering Legacy or Hurricane Turning Tools is what is called eBay Arbitrage.  That is where sellers see what is popular on (in Prime) and then make a listing on eBay which is at a higher selling price than our normal price.  If you purchase a product from them, they buy the product on Amazon (Prime Shipping) and send the product to you as a gift item.  They keep the profit.  The only person that loses is you, because you were overcharged and that makes us mad.  We have tried to contact eBay and Amazon to prevent this and there is not much that we can do to stop it.  eBay calls them “Drop Shippers”.  We called them far worse names.  The solution is simply not to buy from them.  Spread the word that eBay arbitrage should be stopped and to purchase directly from The Woodturning Store on any of our authorized storefronts and sales channels.


Do we offer club discounts?

Of course we do.  We are strong supporters of the AAW and Steve Fulgoni is a past President of two Long Island Chapters of the AAW.  We don’t have a formal program in place, but we are working on that.  Contact us if you are interested in a club purchase.