Hurricane M2 Cryo, 2 Pc Spindle Gouge Set (1/2" and 3/8" Flute)

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M2 Cryogenic HSS
Shallow Flute

Hurricane Turning Tools Two Piece Spindle Gouge Set made from cryogenically treated M2 High Speed Steel with ash handle

The Woodturning Store and Crown Tools UK, have partnered together to bring you the Hurricane M2 Cryo Professional Series of Woodturning tools. Hurricane M2 Cryo tools are made from Sheffield M2 High Speed Steel which have been cryogenically treated to improve wear resistance by 3X while still maintaining the superior sharpness properties of M2 steel. We feel this gives the perfect combination of professional performance vs. affordability. We partnered with Crown tools because of their world class manufacturing process and high quality standards. Crown Tools UK has been making tools for generations and still manufactured their products with the same techniques and tradition as they did a century ago. The Woodturning Store offers Hurricane Turning Tools in the spirit of making woodturning affordable for everyone. Hurricane tools are always a great value and reasonably priced compared to other brands.

  • Includes: 1/2" Spindle Gouge and 3/8" Spindle Gouge
  • HTT-236KW, HTT-237KW
  • Cryogenically treated M2 High Speed Steel with ash handle, painted black with silver accents; made in Sheffield, England in partnership with Crown Tools
  • Used to create details such as beads and coves on long grain pieces
  • Available separately or in sets
More Info:
  • 1/2" Spindle Gouge Bar Diameter: 1/2" | Width: 1/2" | Usable Tool Length: 5.5"
  • 3/8" Spindle Gouge Bar Diameter: 3/8" | Width: 3/8" | Usable Tool Length: 5.5"
  • Handle Length: 10" | Overall Length: 17"

Hurricane Turning Tools is a premium brand of tools and accessories specializing in meeting the needs of woodturners and woodworkers. Hurricane Tools include woodturning tools, wood lathe chucks and jaws, drill bits and Hurricane Abrasives. Hurricane products are manufactured in the USA and throughout the world, balancing the need for both high performance and affordable products. Beginner and intermediates can choose from our Standard Series products and can then step up to our Professional Series, which are used by the most demanding users. Whatever your skill level or budget, Hurricane Turning Tools has a product for you!