Legacy Comfort Pen Kit - Gold

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7mm Tube

Legacy Comfort Pen Kits have a standout design that will make them one of your favorites. They use 7mm pen components, similar to Slimline and Fancy kits,  except for a wider center band and a silicone comfort grip. You can make the pen with or without the included grip.These are compatible with other Comfort pen kits. This is a popular pen kit available and is used by new pen turners as well as seasoned veterans. Offered in a large variety of finishes. 

Details of this Kit:

  • Comfort Pen Kit
  • Finish: Gold
  • Type: Ballpoint Twist Mechanism
  • Refill Type: Cross style
  • Skill Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Tube Size: 7mm (2 of equal length)
  • Drill Size Used:  7mm (upper & lower)
  • Blank Size Needed: 5/8" x 5"  (Blanks sold separately)


In order to complete this kit, here are some items you may need. Click on the links or browse our website to see the items in our store.

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    Nicer shape than slimline

    Posted by Bartlett on 09 18 2017

    At the risk of starting a battle, may I suggest that Freedom Pens be "Comfort" rather than "Slimline". I have checked the size on my US Navy issued jump suit sleeve pen pockets and its fits just fine. Most of the people that are making Slimline pens make the ends so fat anyway that they are bigger than these pens.

    Also, I don't use the rubber grip. Unless you glue it on (real challenge there) it will move around. By the way, the nib, clip, transmission, back button and brass tubes are EXACTLY the same as what is used on Slimline kits.