Sanding Discs


Every craftsman needs a full array of abrasive products.  The Woodturning Store is expanding our offerings of abrasives and our goal is to provide you with world class products and the lowest prices in a fiercely competitive market.  We offer our own Hurricane brand of abrasives, which are made for us in Sweden and finished processed here in the USA.

Hurricane Abrasives are offered in both PSA and Hook and Loop Discs. PSA discs are more econimcal that H&L discs and are great if you and sanding large projects where the abrasive wears out before the project is complete.  For smaller projects, choose Hook and Loop, because you can remount the product over and over, until it wears out. Hurricane Abrasives are offered in three types:

Hurricane Blue is great for almost all applications.  Its latex backed paper is flexible and is best for curved surfaces.  Hurricane Blue is available in PSA and H&L, in a variety of sizes.
Hurricane Storm discs are made on tough C-weight paper and are great for demanding projects like cabinet work.  They are available in 5" PSA Discs.
Hurricane Force discs are made are flexible and economical B-weight paper.  They are often used in the automotive industry where volume is high and cost is a critical factor.  They are available in 5" PSA Discs