The Turning Circle



 Members of "The Turning Circle" Receive:






What is "The Turning Circle"?
"The Turning Circle" is our program for rewarding previous customers.  Customers who have previously purchased from us are eligible for membership in "The Turning Circle" for 45 days from the date of their last order.  Membership in "The Turning Circle" gives you special discounts, promotions, "Member Only" items and sales.  The benefits of membership are updated often and are shown above on this page.


How do I join "The Turning Circle"
Eligibility for membership in "The Turning Circle" starts by placing your first order from us and will take 5 days after your order date to become active.  Any order placed after November 15, 2016 is eligible.  Membership in the Turning Circle is valid for 45 days after your most recent order.


Does it cost anything to be a member?
Your past purchase makes you eligible, we want to reward your past purchases with special savings.  There is no fee for membership.


Do I need to do anything after I place my first order to become a member?  
If you placed your order here, on, you don't need to do anything.  Five days after your order was placed, you will receive a welcome email and your membership begins.


What if I placed an order from The Woodturning Store on or
Good news, you are still eligible for membership, but you have to tell us about your order so we can activate your membership.  If you placed an order from our store,  TheWoodturningStore, on Amazon or ebay  - please visit our sign-up form to register.  

Simply click on the button below - please have order number ready to enter in to the form.  Your membership begins 5 days after your Amazon or eBay order date and will continue for 45 days after your original order date.  You will receive a welcome email when we have activated your membership.






I’m a member, but I don’t see my discount anywhere.

Turning Circle members receive different pricing on certain items, in certain categories, or on the entire site, depending on the current promotion. There’s no need to do any math, or apply discounts or coupon codes at checkout, the price you see is your discounted price, it’s that simple.



Is my membership renewed with each new order?
Of course, any order placed on our website automatically renews your membership for another 45 days. If your order was placed on our website, you do not have to do anything else. If your order was placed on Amazon or ebay - please send us an email with your new order number and we will renew your membership for another 45 days. Please allow 5 days for processing.


When did the program start?
We began the program on November 15, 2016 and any orders placed after that date are eligible for membership in The Turning Circle


When does the program end?
We hope that the program will be a great success but we reserve the right to end the program at any time.


Do sitewide discounts include absolutely everything on the site?
We do the best we can to offer the greatest benefits to our customers. *Some manufacturers choose not to participate in the Turning Circle program.  At this time, Robust lathes and accessories are excluded from sitewide discounts.


I placed an order for your products from another seller on eBay or Amazon, am I still eligible?
We are the only authorized sellers of our branded products.  Unfortunately, there are many unauthorized sellers online that post listings for our products that appear legitimate, but are not.  We do not recommend buying from them and those purchases are not eligible for membership in "The Turning Circle".


What if I still have questions?
If you have questions, feel free to email us at or call us M-F 9-4 p.m. EST