Robust Woodturning ER25 Collet Set

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Robust Woodturning ER25 Collet Set

The Collet Handle System gives turners a way to quickly and confidently change tools utilizing the same handle. With 4 different collet sizes included in this set you can easily swap out tools with a twist of your wrist.

But it’s not just tool changing that is important, simply removing the tool for grinding greatly facilitates the use of grinding jigs.  That’s accomplished quick and easy.


Each set includes four collets that fit common size round gouge and chisel shafts, collet nut, stem and ferrule. Each collet has a useful range of a little over 1/32”, or about 1mm. These collets are standard industrial grade collets. This set DOES NOT include a handle.



If the tool spins in the collet during heavy cuts, try tightening up the collet nut with a gloved hand.

Lightly oil the threads on the collet nut and stem for smooth operation.