Hurricane Turning Tools, Morse Taper Adapter, Reducing Sleeve, MT2 to MT1

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Hurricane Turning Tools More taper reducing sleeve is used to convert your headstock from #2 MT to #1 MT. This is useful if you have a drive center or pen mandrel which is 1MT and your headstock is 2MT

  • Morse Taper Reducing Sleeve adapter. Converts MT1 shank to MT2 shank
  • Headstock Mount: #2 MT (Morse Taper), Socket #1 MT
  • Material: Steel

Hurricane Turning Tools is a premium brand of tools and accessories meeting the needs of woodturners and woodworkers. Hurricane Tools include woodturning tools, wood lathe chucks and jaws, drill bits and Hurricane Abrasives. Hurricane products are made in the USA and throughout the world, balancing the need for both high performance and affordable products.