Hurricane Tools - CBN Grinding Wheel - 8"x1"x.625" - 80 Grit

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Hurricane Turning Tools Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Grinding Wheels  8" Diameter - 1.0" Wide  5/8" Arbor - 80 Grit

We would like to introduce you to the state of the art in bench grinding, Hurricane Series II Aluminum core CBN plated grinding wheels. Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) is a man-made crystalline material which is one of the hardest materials in the world. It is just slightly below Diamond on the hardness scale. CBN grinding wheels have been used in manufacturing processes for many years and are now available for common bench grinders. CBN crystals are electroplated on to a precision aluminum grinding wheel substrate resulting in the finest grinding wheels available today. CBN wheels outperform common stone wheels in many ways: 

  • Series II wheels are now made from an aluminum core, which is lighter in weight than steel and will run smoother on all grinders
  • In normal use, they will last for years
  • Wheel diameter does not change over time
  • Available in coarse and fine grit
  • CBN material is on the face and sides (1/4") of the wheel
  • Balanced in the manufacturing process and never need "Truing" or "Dressing"
  • They can make an inexpensive grinder perform almost as well as an industrial grinder

After 3 years of development and prototyping, Hurricane Turning Tools has released the Series II wheels with a chrome plated aluminum core for lighter weight and smooth running on all grinders. The wheels are dynamically balanced and the bore tolerance is less that 0.001". The quality of the CBN material is world class and the manufacturing tolerances are outstanding. These wheels will change the way you sharpen forever. Think about achieving razor sharp edges without the hassle of preparing a stone wheel.

Check one out today.  Call for assistance when ordering and availability.