Hurricane M42 Cobalt Drill Bit, 15/32" , 135 Degree Split Point

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135 Degree Split Point
Straw Oxide
M42 Cobalt Steel
Made in USA

Hurricane M42 Cobalt Steel Drill Bits

We are proud to offer our professional grade, Hurricane M42 Cobalt Steel drill bits. These bits are Made in the USA from M42 Cobalt Steel to exacting tolerances which will hold an edge much longer than HSS or carbon steel. They are designed for use in tough materials such as dense hardwoods, alloy steels and acrylics. They incorporate a 135 degree split point which will start easily without a center punch and then run straight and true through your workpiece. The 135 degree split point has a shorter web as compared to 118 degree drills which means less downward force is required. Unlike brad point bits, these are easily sharpened with drill sharpening jigs and machines. Unlike standard drill bits, they will not lose their temper if “smoke” appears due to your feed or speed being too high.
We offer Hurricane drill bits in standard sizes as well as the industries’ largest selection of hard to find metric drills which are often used in pen making.

Drilling Tips:

Hurricane M42 Cobalt drills will cut quickly and easily and stay sharp for a long time. With all drills, you should lift or “peck” the drill to clear the chips out of the cutting hole. The drill should be pecked once for every 2x of the drill diameter (every ½” for a ¼” drill). Apply a slower feed and lighter pressure as you approach the exit point to keep bottom side clean and chip free.



  • Diameter:      0.4688"
  • Diameter (Fraction):      15/32"
  • Flute Length:      4.3125"
  • Flute Length (Metric):      109.54mm
  • Overall Length:      5.7500"
  • Overall Length (Metric):      146.05mm
  • Tool Size:      15/32"


  • Drill Construction:      Heavy-Duty
  • Drill Size System:      Fractional
  • Drill Style:      Jobber Drill
  • Flute Type:      Spiral
  • Hand of Cut:      Right
  • Hand of Spiral:      Right
  • Material:      HSS-CO
  • Number of Flutes:      2
  • Point Angle:      135°
  • Point Style:      Split
  • Surface Condition:      Straw

Shank Specifications

  • Shank Configuration:      Straight
  • Shank Length:      1.4375"
  • Shank Length (Metric):      36.51mm
  • Shank Size:      0.4688"
  • Shank Size (Metric):      11.91mm